Sunday, June 5, 2011

For my Mom

Yesterday I traveled to Nippori's Fabric Town with my friend Natsuko-san. Nippori Station is a little out of the way with not many attractions to draw individuals out there. From my place the trip only took about 40mins which is good time considering we traveled 22km by train. 
When arriving we were a little lost. Nippori station is built above the tracks which themselves are above the actual ground. So we first had to figure out our way down from the station to the area where the fabric town was located. Once finding the 'bicycle' elevator we were on the ground.

While the internet said the Fabric Town is well marked out I would beg to differ. The station had no signs like the many sites indicated and I have a feeling it has to do with how Nippori is changing. Many brand new apartment towers and the station is heavily under construction in places. 
Part of Nippori Station
When arriving in the fabric town you are not immediately tipped off, however we did find the banner that indicated the area. I had on feeling of what type of fabric town this would be, and it is much like Toronto's 'fabric' street. The majority of the fabric stores are stores for clothing fabric, which for my mother is not good for her (patchwork cloth is different than clothing cloth). Anyways after touring through the streets we decided to try the 'Tomato' fabric store. On the 5th floor was the 'patchwork' section. Up I went to the floor to find millions of pieces of fabric, but the majority being US imports. Coming to Japan I wasn't just going to get fabric that can likely be easily sourced in Canada. 

But, on the 4th floor was the 'traditional' fabrics; the fabrics which I had been searching for that day. Now I would not describe myself as having the eye for fabrics, I chose the ones that I figure I would like to see on a quilt and are more my taste, which I hope is similar to my mothers. Now I am not going to post pictures of the fabric because that would ruin the surprise when I mall the care package to my mother and family. But what I will do is post a picture to tease my mother of most of the fabrics that I purchased that day.
The Booty
After touring the fabric town we decided we needed some food. Natsuko took me to a fairly popular restaurant chain called Saizeriya, a sort of Italian inspired menu. But the part that is great about this restaurant is how cheap everything is! Most dishes can be for one person, but nothing costs more than $5 except a few of the meat main dishes which were only about $7!! The concept is come with a group and dine on many dishes for a cheap price... its a great idea. All the food is quick to serve, fresh and really great tasting. Its a concept I'd like to figure how to import to Canada. I think it would be successful in an area with a lot of youth and people wanting to relax in a restaurant but not pay restaurant prices (and importantly, not eat at a 'Denny's' sort of glut fest of cheap food). 
New Apartment Tower
Today the weather it hot like the day before. A little more humid today as rain is foretasted. I am not impressed with the humidity. The previous Friday it was only 22C out, but 88% humidity... made the deal feel disgusting  But, this is Japan and has to be accepted.
Tracks below Nippori Station

Off to get a haircut today for $13... cheap, fast and decent... all I need right now.
More blogs to hopefully come.

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