Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mini Portfolio

Currently I am developing my new portfolio... Version 3.0...
The differences between v2.0 and v3.0 is staggering... as though my portfolio went from someone who couldn't design to someone who had half a sense of composition.

Not tooting my own horn, but I am far more pleased with the rough cut result of my portfolio design than any of my previous portfolio iterations. My last portfolio was a creation on a time limit. I was afraid the job industry was tanking in 2010 and I wanted to get something out to employers fast... in the end I don't think my portfolio did much for my job prospect, but at least I had something.

My new portfolio is developed more as a book/digest of my projects and career. I am attempting to achieve a level of simplicity without creating a dull document. Text is reduced in scale to be less apparent and white voids are embraced readily. My v1 and v2 portfolios were maximized with content that appeared more as technical manuals and not an artists representation.

I've also embraced more full page images... if I could I would just have a portfolio of full scale images... its much more appealing and I always figure no one reads the text. However my new portfolio has increased text 5 fold to achieve the 'book' feeling I desire.

Today I finally printed off a test portfolio... Printing was half the work, cutting and assembling took its time too. Presently my portfolio is 1/2 format and is very appealing to me. While too small to be a realistic portfolio, it definitely opens the doors for creating other documents at a similar scale.. 

This is my first blog in probably over a month... I hope to ramp up the blogging over the next while at get back to my random thoughts...

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