Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Project Japan: Metabolism Talks...

So my book I pre-ordered finally arrived this morning... There was some fear it would not arrive for a long long time after Amazon informed me that the pre-ordered book was delayed. However, out of no where I was informed that the book would be shipped immediately last Friday.

And here it is... Project Japan: Metabolism Talks...
The book is a assembly of interviews with the last remaining members of metabolist movement and people the people directly involved with those members. It is an interesting piece of work as it details the last remaining architectural movement in the 20th century. As many architects already know now, architectural movements are fractured and lack a cohesive direction as they once did. 
I have not yet read through the book, but only flipped the pages and already salivating from the information I will glean from its pages. I hope once I have read through the book I'll be able to post my own book review. I plan to over the next while to post my review of a few architectural books I have brought back from Japan. 

Stay tuned for more book reviews...!

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