Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yokohama & Kamakura

So this past weekend I was in Yokohama and Kamakura. Yokohama is sort of a working mans city, totally different feeling than Tokyo. The area is not a dense as Tokyo and is much more topographical, rolling hills and terracing homes. 
I stayed over at a friends place in a nice neighbourhood. Traditional home, 45 years old, which is considered very old here. My parents 110 year old home in Canada is ancient by Japanese standards. The next day we travelled to Kamakura, which is along the southern shore of the Yokohama area. Its a 'cottage' community, small scale and cheap! A roomy place was cheaper than a place in Toronto! Depressing, I would love to live in the area... 
Rolling Yokohama 'burb
I enjoyed the train ride to Kamakura. An older train that travelled incredible close to the local homes... and when I mean close I mean we were as close as 1 foot from hitting some of the walls of the old homes.
Many Rolling Hills
We toured a sort of weekend market area with a temple. The temple was interesting, they had two traditional Japanese weddings occurring. However, unlike the idyllic scene that Lost in Translation showed, it was full of tourists taking pictures of the newly weds during the ceremony. 
Traditional Wedding Temple
There was a chicken skin BBQ place that I broke down and bought from. The chicken skin came with kimchi and was absolutely delicious. Delicious up until I was attacked by a hawk! Just sitting there eating my food and a hawk dive bombed my dish of food on my leg... total shock. Didn't know what to make of it. I looked it up later and found that its not rare, the hawks appear to go for anything that is food
Sake and Beer Shrine :D
My friend took to an acquaintances place where we had a thai style dinner. I put together the BBQ for the dinner... makes me want to go buy my own now! It took forever to get the charcoal going... very windy in the area along the ocean. (oh to note, now I have seen the pacific on two sides of the world now). We hung out with friends for the night in Kamakura before making our way back to the house in Yokomama. 
Pacific Ocean
In all, it was a great weekend outside of Tokyo. The more I see of Japan the more it continues to make we want to stay here!
Yokohama at night, Yokohama bridge in the background
I thought I would be making deep discussions about architecture related topics on my blog, but its appears I have been writing more about day trips and all the foods I have had here! We'll see how this blog evolves...

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