Friday, May 6, 2011


Yesterday my friend took me out to Zushi for a beach BBQ with her friends. I almost missed the day when I slept through two of my alarms... I got out of bed to check the time to make sure I wasn't sleeping in too late and bam!! there the time was 9:15, I was to meet my friend at Shinjuku at 9:30!!!... Called my friend, she said she'd wait for me... threw on my close, fixed my bed head hair and ran out the door. Thankfully I got the express train to Shibuya... only took me 30mins to travel the whole way... so only 30mins late... 

The trip to Zushi takes about 1 hour to get there. Zushi is a beach resort community South-West of Yokohama along the coast. On the journey there you can see many hotel guest houses... similar to our bed-and-breakfast sort of living. 
The beach that we went to was located in a cover area, protected from the sea. Unfortunately the day was cool out and a little cloudy. I didn't venture out into the water, but did take in the ocean air.
The BBQ was fantastic. Lots of food and drinks. Had lots of grilled meats and rice balls. I'll definitely have to make BBQ'd rice balls sometime! I ate a massive sea snail that was boiled in its own juices with a touch of booze. 
And the best part of the day was meeting a lot of new friends. Few of them had visited Toronto and another lived in Toronto working for the Blue Jays. Lots of cute girls and good dudes. Unfortunately I partook in a little too much alcohol. Because I ran out the door I didn't grab anything to eat for breakfast, the first meal I had was a can of Kirin (beer). Only made a fool of myself on the way home... so I kept face with most of my friends haha. 
In all it was a great day and meeting great new friends gives me more reasons to stay here :)

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