Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yoyogi Park II

This past weekend I toured Yoyogi Park for a second time, but this time with company. My friend and I walked around the park, this time exploring the far ends of the park. Its a really nice gem in Tokyo. I wish Toronto was connected to High Park much better than it is. Yoyogi Park can be reached by multiply subway lines and is easy walking distance form many other stations. Toronto has a lot of missed opportunities for its park spaces. The waterfront is still disconnected from the city and the existing parks are almost forgotten. 
There is also the problem in Toronto of the people themselves. Japanese descend upon the park spaces and do all sorts of activities. When walking the park you can see people sunbathing, group dancing, duopping, reading, setting up bands, drinking, eating, and so much more... the space is appropriated by the people. Toronto people still seem highly conservative.... come on people, get out and have fun. 

This coming weekend I'll be joining my friend and her friends for an outdoor BBQ at a park. We'll take all our foods and drinks and set up on the grass. It will be a whole days even. For a culture that works insane hours, they really make a point of enjoying the little things. Its not a perfect system here, but it feels much better to spend any free time socializing with friends and relaxing than holding up in a living room watching TV.

But enough ranting about differences. I've been loosing weight I suspect. My face is looking a little leaner, almost younger looking. Pants are very loose now and I am having to make another hole in my belt. Its not surprising though, I snack far far less than I did back in Toronto. I drink a lot less coffee too. Even though I'll eat lots of grilled foods and drink beer, my overall intake is far lower. Less guilt such as tonight when I got my fill of takoyaki from a street vendor and a beer. Which I have to make a note of, its the first red ale I have had make in Japan. I give them high marks, they really know how to make a good beer here. 

Anyways, as I mentioned in my previous blogs that I will be writing them soon one my phone on the way to and form work. This was the plan except they phone I received from a HK selling turned out to be an American model of phone... had to send it back and hoping for a quick return of the model that can work here... its been 5 weeks with no cellphone, very odd feeling. So hopefully soon you'll be getting more blogs and much deeper topics. 

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