Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cigarettes, Beer, and Music

It has been awhile since I have written my last blog entry...

So I had my official first work of work, and I have to say things are pretty good there. The office is really laid back and things are not taken overly seriously. Something that I guess is fairly uncommon in Japan. Unfortunately, I have started at the office in a lull period, not a lot of projects going on. We are waiting for a big one in China to start up and maybe a competition invitation.

So last night everyone in the office went out to an Izakaya (Japanese style bar) for lots of drinks and food. The food was amazing... and it just kept coming all night. Drank copious amounts of beer and sake. Little tid-bit about the Izakaya, it was the same place that they filled Kill Bills fight scene with Lucy Liu. Though, when they exit the bar in the movie, it was definitely not the same... the real izakaya is located in the heart of Roppongi... the business/club district of Tokyo.. and conveniently near where I work.

When we were done at the Izakaya the night was not over. Oh no, when you go out with Japanese, you better be prepared to go out all night. We then made our way over to a darts bar for a few more drinks and a some rounds of darks. I did pretty well for not having played in years. Saved my team a couple times from loosing. Though, honestly it was mostly all luck on my part.

After the darts bar we moved to our next location, Karaoke! Half the staff took off, but we were still a strong group that soldiered on. I sang a couple times and realize I am completely tone deff... nothing, I cannot string a tune together if I tried... and tried I did! We sang and drank until the wee hours of the morning. Suprising for a 24hr city the metro shuts down at around midnight, so you are either left paying a small fortune for a cab, or holding up in a Karaoke bar until 5am when the metro opens. And at 5am there are hundreds of people waiting half intoxicated or half passed out at the stations platforms. We all slumped into the subway and made our ways home that night. I slept until noon.

Today... its warm here... breezy thankfully... I am dreading when the heat finally comes. One of the metros I took to work had no air moving in it. I began to sweat to death! So today I am going to scout out a place to get my hair cut... I desperately need it trimmed. So I'll let you know how that experience goes. I am not terribly worried, I had gotten my hair cut in China many times without a disaster.. so I expect it should be the same here...

Anyways, I hope to get back into routinely writing and having more to say!

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