Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Just a short entry today.
Last night I decided I wanted to give Hokkaido miso soup a try... and I was not disappointed!
The usually miso soup uses a fish/seaweed stock (call dashi) and miso. Very simple and very tasty. Anyone who's been to a sushi restaurant back home knows the soup I am talking about.
However Hokkaido miso soup takes it to a different level. Instead of dashi you use chicken stock (I used a bullion cube), miso, milk and the all most important ingredient, a nob of BUTTER. 
With the buttery soup stock I combined with a bowl of ramen noodle, carrot slices, tofu and ham slices. 
I have some more stock left for today, and I definitely plan on finishing it!

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  1. Lets see some pics of Clay, nevermind the soup! Stay safe buddy, keep up the sick pics with the appropriate descriptions of the events shown in the pics directly below the pics.