Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Jiyugaoka.... the Forest Hill of Tokyo.

Jiyugaoka is a small community in the Meguro-ku district of Tokyo. Its an upper class neighbourhood with large homes, lots of parks and high end shops. The food looks good, but is out of my price range. This area is not an area to go out an have a good time at night in. Its an area where you have a nice meal and retire home after, or if you are up for it, travel into the core of Tokyo and continue the partying.
My Easter Treat to myself :)
I live here. Its a nice place to live. Its quiet and relaxing. At night it is absolutely quiet, so quiet that I would say my Parkdale neighbourhood in Toronto was louder. But its also a boring area. There is really no cheap fun places and people retire to their homes at 9pm. However there is a massive former Olympic park to the north of my place that is great to run around.
Jiyugaoka is a great place to bring a girlfriend too, so much so that its known to be a place for that reason. There are dozens of pastry shops, chocolatiers, French & Italian restaurants and small boutique girls shops. 
South of Jiyugaoka station is the relatively more trendy part of the area with cafe's and more mainstream retailers. The south is a wonderful area to spend outside reading in or holding hands with someone... however I have done neither, but it looks good when I see it.
I am under a lot of pressure lately at work, but I hope to show you's soon some of my projects that I am working on there. Currently I am helping to construct a massive scaled model of an urban project we are working on. Hopefully I will get my cellphone soon so I can start multitasking my blog entries on the subway... for now, enjoy some more photos.

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