Monday, April 4, 2011


Morning from my room

With my first day in Tokyo the first thought that is going through my mind is its DAMN COLD!!! I think I underestimated what the weather would be like... waking up to close to 0C weather in a style of house that are typically uninsulated made for a surprise. I wish my thick robe was taken instead of my thinner one. 

One consolation is that the sun was very warm. So like a lizard, I basked in it.

Got out of bed around 7am today and attempted to get my cell going... unfortunetly it needs to be unlocked and that hasn't gone so well. I planned out a day to stop off in Harajuku to look for a sidebag and then carry on to Akihabara to look for cellphone related things. 

Harajuku Street
Harajuku was surprising and over stimulating to handle. The shear amount of clothing stores there turned me off from browsing them thoroughly. While I was looking for a side bag the vast amount of stores (and throngs of people) deterred me from looking for it seriously.

I abandoned Harajuku street and made my way over to the park adjacent the station. The park was a surprising retreat from the bustle of people. Wide tree covered avenues hid any views of the city beyond. 

I debated whether to continue on to Akihabara for fear that I would be stuck in the rush hour commute home. I decided to head out there anyways... The jet lag started to hit me hard when I left the station. The electronic stores were interesting, you can find just about anything you could ever need, though it lacked the affordability of other electronic markets that I have experienced in China. After the walk around Akihabara Electronic Market I decide it was time to head home and find some dinner. 

Denny's... yes I sold out and went for a Denny's restaurant meal... however when I started to review the menu the closest thing I could find to an American meal was the 'Cob Salad'. I chose the 'toro.... something something'. I resorted to pointing out the dishes I wanted... a rice dish covered with cheese, scrambled egg and gravy. It was filling, but incredibly overpriced... definitely not the 'value' meal you would expect at a Denny's. 

I now sit here at home... roughly 7pm on a Monday and I am exhausted. A small tremor just happened now.. I was welcomed last night with a small tremor that was equal to one I experience back in Toronto. I will have to get used to these small shakes. 

Tomorrow I will write a more indepth thought I have had about what I have noticed here in Tokyo... for now, its time to rest...

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  1. The pictures look good. Having fun, eh?