Thursday, April 7, 2011


Yesterday was my first day of work at Arata Isozaki's office. The office is a very young and relaxed environment. Most of the staff cannot be much older than 35. The office space is one large studio environment with low tables and sight lines to everyone. 

I arrive at work and I am put to work right now.... with labour. The office is in transition from old projects to new projects. Most of the staff and I were busy moving old files and projects around, cleaning up tables and boxing up old models. I helped carry and ridiculously heavy stone counter top up from the basement with another colleague. I hope it remains in its new location. 

Next week we'll be start what I hear is a massive masterplanning model for a project in China. The masterplan model will be about 4-5m long and 2m wide. Have to love Chinese projects which are gigantic on scale. 

I experience my first true packed subway ride home. Literally squashed up against everyone, but no one took any office to the tin of sardine conditions. What I noticed was the wafting smell of scotch from the Salarymen. Scotch seems to be a high selling drink here with advertising everywhere for it. Makes Bill Murray's roll in Lost in Translation make more sense. 

The northern prefectures experienced a 7.1 magnitude earthquake last night. I was relaxing in bed chatting to people online when it hit. Shook the house for a good minute. Furniture shifted a little. My Japanese friend is going to help be build up my earthquake kit and recommended that I sleep with a pair of shoes near the bed. 

Not many new images for this post, just some of the Sakura blossoms alone a street near me. Hopefully more to photograph and write about this weekend. 

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