Sunday, April 10, 2011


I have journeyed long and far... and I have found my Oatmeal.

It began as my desire to find something that was easy to make for breakfast and that would fill me for long periods of time. Oatmeal I thought would be the best option, so I decided to buy some. Easier said then done.
Oats are not popular in Japan at all. I decided to start at the upscale market near me... nothing.
I then walked far to a local market... nothing.
Hmmm, now i was getting worried as I really hard my heart set on a thick bowl of porridge.
Now I began to scourer the internet for possible leads for the illusive grain.
Costco Japan has it, but thats a days journey away in a transit barren dockland.
Ah, Shubiyu seems to have a lead on it.. internet grocery site lists it in the inventor.
Off to Shubuya I go... on a 15min subway ride away.
Into the Shibuya Food Show market... shelf and shelf I look... nothing... but wait! there it was... sitting there in all its glory... "Scottish Style Oatmeal"... in other words Quick Oats!! Now after paying close to 3 times what I would in Canada for oats, I was quickly on my way home. And you already know the rest of the story... and massive bowl of oatmeal was consumed oh so quickly to a great satisfaction!

That was my highlight for Saturday. Long day, but enjoyable. That day also marked the day that I started to take runs here in Tokyo. Only a km away is an old Olympic grounds with a running track, very scenic and full of other joggers. 

Today started off with another good run around the Olympic grounds.... came home and lazily got read for a lunch date with a friend. She took me to a gem of a place! Had a roast beef meal with veg and soup. The food was so high class in taste you would probably pay close to $30 back home for it, while here it was only $11! Whoever tells you Tokyo is expensive has not experienced it. Absolutely the finest food for a good price. I was so absorbed by the food that i forgot to take a picture of it! Next time!

After that my friend took me to a Charity flea market/event. Another hidden gem of a place. Below and nice cafe the bar housed a small music space with a scattering of artist/designers sell some of their unique wears. If I was be cautious of what I spend I would have bought a few things today. 

I will try to get more pictures of my explorations to you all. I keep getting caught up in moments to remember to take a picture!

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