Friday, April 22, 2011


Yet again I have lapsed in writing a daily blog, but things at work are getting heated. Right now we are working towards a deadline at the end of the month for a master plan project in China. This project is massive and when I get some photos of the model someday posted, you will get an idea of the its scale. Currently when we build the model at 1:500, it will be over 3m long! I am building the base of the model up for the massing models to be placed on top. More to follow on this later.

Yesterday I slept terribly and decided that I needed real coffee, and by real the closest Starbucks equivalent. Coffee in Japan is plentiful, but in the form of canned coffee from vending machines. Its either overly sweet with condensed milk or watery black (as a side note the vending machines use their condensing coil to heat some of the cans of coffee which was a nice treat). So I bought an overpriced venti 'drip coffee' and boy was it GOOD. I really missed having a straight up coffee in the morning. I also broke down and bought a really great chocolate croissant (two actually).
This morning I scarfed down my second croissant... and all it needed was some coffee! I will look for some ground coffee today because I found we have a French press in the house. Its pouring rain today. I am going to visit a friend for a late afternoon lunch. Its going to be a slow day I think, I don't think I will go out tonight. I honestly need a good nights sleep. Working until 11-12 every night is starting to take its toll on me.
For you's that are interested I have posted some images of my place I am staying at. Its a guest house apart of the Sakura House network of guest homes in the Jiyugaoka area of the Meguro district. Jiyugaoka is an upscale suburban neighbourhood that is closely connected to the downtown, roughly a 15min metro ride in to Shibuya; a major hub here in Tokyo. The guest house is a wooden structure, so it rocks a lot during an earthquake. I luckily chose the right level to live on in a wooden house in Japan, the second floor. My colleagues at work told me that the second floor the most likely to survive a quake vs. the ground floor (and that I can easily escape out the window). The guest house was the former residence to a famous female Japanese photographer.  
Throughout the house are photographs of the artist's work which document the rise of Japan during its economic bubble. The bubble time for Japan was a time of rapid change and social upheaval. My room is alight, small but functional. I rearrange the space so that my bed is now beside the window, something I am more accustomed to sleeping beside. By moving my bed it also opened up my space more, so I have much more space to move around. I also scored some house plants when I moved in! The rest of the house is clean and simple. The shower is very pleasant. I believe the house has a booster pump for the water because the shower is really powerful... it wakes you up! Laundry machine is free to use, but the dryer needs coins... which is honestly a useless machine. At best your clothing will come out damp. The kitchen is well equipped with two fridges, but the great part is the gas stove. I love cooking with gas, so fast and accurate. I need to do some more cooking!
So now its time to shower and get ready for my day out.. the sun is starting to poke its face out. Hopefully that doesn't mean the humidity will sky-rocket. More to follow everyone... once I get my new cell phone I'll be able to write my blogs on the metro... more to come.

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