Saturday, April 2, 2011


Tokyo is my destination...

So, I've been awake for some 10 hrs now and I sit and wait here at the Vancouver Airport. Woke up at 4am this morning at my aunts & uncles; drove with my mother and father to Toronto airport to catch my connecting flight to Tokyo. 

Sad and happy goodbyes as I went to the Gates.

The flight was tolerable, though I had a server germaphobe beside me who swabbed down all his surfaces with disaffectant. He turned out to be a quiet man that did not bother to chit-chat... (though to note, his daughter was sitting beside me, but I guess he felt I would be a bad influence on her and moved her beside an elderly man). 

One gripe that I had was that while when I came back from Vancouver to Toronto during my China expedition I had a complimentary meal and drinks but the trip from Toronto to Vancouver left me starving. I wasn't about to shell over $13 for a Harvey's breakfast meal... so I sucked it up until I arrived here in Vancouver... 

Mozza Burger from A&W cured my hunger. 

T-minus 30mins before my boarding.

The reality that I am travelling to Japan to live for the next 3 months is starting to hit me. 3 months in a place I have only ready about. While yes I have studied the Japanese language for a year now, I feel I have completely forgot it now. All I remember is, Watashiha skoshi nihongo-ga, wakarimasu (I speak a little Japanese....) Oh well, I will have to pick it up much faster now!

Many have told me not to go to Japan for fears of the Radiation and such... but I tell most them I rather die doing that things I love than sit on my butt and squander opportunities.... And really, if its so bad, I'll just leave... but that seems unlikely.

My next entry hopefully will be much more exciting and enlightening. Soon things will no longer be 'what will I do' but 'what I have done."

Edge of Canada

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